Wednesday, April 17, 2013

month 3

3 month anthony

+ wakes up crying because of bad dreams
+ sucks his thumb uncontrollably if he's tired or hungry
+ his hair is getting out of control because its so long
+ laughed out loud for the first time yesterday and now won't do it anymore...
...i guess once was enough for him
+ won't fall asleep as fast as he used to because he can't stop looking around 
+ loves to smile at strangers
+ loves telling us stories
+ fascinated by his hands
+ loves to pump his legs and swing his arms at the same time
+ started to yell randomly
+ loves to watch sports with daddy

 oh...and we took family photos
here's a little teaser :)

Tuesday, April 2, 2013


the easter bunny (aka jieun moon and lori argyle) was super generous this year
not only did the easter bunny get baby anthony loads of chocolate
but also some awesome nike kicks

babies make holidays so much more exciting

fist pump?
can we be done now?!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

month two

last friday our baby boy turned two months
i seriously cannot believe how fast time goes by
so far in the past two months i have accomplished nothing
but my baby boy has mastered so many skills

here are some of his skills he's mastered so far:
  • finding his hand to suck whenever he feels like it
  • farting during relief society for others to hear
  • scream/crying if we don't give him what he wants
  • giving mommy and daddy a huge smile when he knows
    he's being a bad boy so he doesn't get into trouble
  • his social skills (he smiles at you...such a charmer)
  • noticing/looking at bright lights
  • knows when we put him down and cries knowing we will pick
    him back up
  • will hold himself up with his legs
  • talks to us in his baby language
  • sticking his tongue out and spitting
 he's such a bright and healthy boy

baby anthony with daddy

"daddy's always messing with me!"
flipping the camera off...or daddy
daddy thinks it's funny when he makes me cry...
...but i hate it!!
 anthony's nakey time

iphone photos
i love his chubby toes